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Thanks for veiwing our blog! We're excited about our tour and we want you to see what all is going on in Colorado!! See you in Sunny Florida again soon! Love, K and R

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomorrow we are going to scout around town. There seems to be some good shopping.... mountain furniture, specialty shops and lots of dining. We'll ride a little bit in the morning after we go to a local bike shop and get my iBike put on (that's a contraption I bought that shows the grade we're climbing, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and of course time and distance).

We are also going to try "a horse of a different color". We're trading in our bike saddles for horse saddles! We found the Rusty Spurr Ranch about 30 miles out of town. It will be a 2 hour guided trail ride. We are VERY excited. www.rustyspurr.com

Time to chat about the altitude... at a little town we passed through on the way to Frisco, we found a flier titled "Effects of High Altitude on Visitors". So I'm reading it in the visitor's center and I'm starting to realize we're having some symptoms... here are a few. Nausea, restlessness, shortness of breath, headache, nasal congestion, easy fatigue, and... uh hem, gas.
After we got checked into the room, we put our bikes together, hoping there wasn't any damage done by the airline. They were fine... so we took out to a local bike trail. OMG! How beautiful! We took the trail through wonderful rollers and ended up getting to Summit High School where our ride starts on Sunday.

If you look closely at the banner behind me, it says Ride the Rockies, June 17-23!!

OK, we are settled into our room at the Frisco, CO Holiday Inn. I'm ready to BLOG about the wonderful day we had. Of course, Robbin had to have his wake-me-up Java at the TIA Starbucks! And I couldn't wait to get my laptop out to check our blog page. What an uneventful flight! Just a little turbulance here and there, but 3.5 hours of smooth flying! We had decided to get a rental van so we could drive ourselves from Denver to Frisco. We took our time, enjoying the drive through the mountains and valleys, stopped for lunch at Bennigan's, then found a wonderful trail head just off the highway and tried to catch our breath in this thin air nwhile we walked up a short trail to the rushing stream. (Check out our picture at the top right!) I've got a few more pics I'll put up in a minute.......

Night at the 'rents

We're in B'ton spending the night with my folks. We had an oh so nutricious meal at Sonny's bbq. Yummy !
The plane leaves at 8 from Tampa. We'll be up bright and early!