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Monday, June 18, 2007

Day 1 and 2

OK, so I deleted my first blog about Day 1 and 2...ooopps. Hope you read it already!! Here are some pics I finally got up here. This pic shows the landscape of the first day's ride... we spent the whole 99.27 miles on one highway that had lots of Sunday traffic... cars, semi's, and campers. They were the worst! (Don't worry mom!) In addition to the long miles (11 hours out, 8 on the bike) we had Rabbit Ear's Pass stating at mile 70 which was a 5 mile, 7% grade. What a challenge. We thought about SAGing in, but didn't. We passed several people walking up the mnt. Today was an easy day compared to yesterday. 44 miles, not a lot of climbs, and a lot of decents. We got into camp in Craig, CO early and was able to schedule a 30 min. massage. We're "gearing" up for tomorrow's ride to Rifle which will be 89 miles with 4400 feet of climbing. We're already at 5000+ tonight!! The camping part is going well... very chilly at night. Stay tuned. I'll try to write more tomorrow. Ciao!