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Thanks for veiwing our blog! We're excited about our tour and we want you to see what all is going on in Colorado!! See you in Sunny Florida again soon! Love, K and R

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wow I can't believe that it is already Wednesday.... finally a warm start to the day and it got (someone said) up to 100 degrees. We started off around 8:00 this morning and FLEW through these mountains... Kristin was crazy fast today, we climbed for the first 12 long miles without a break seemed liked the climb would never end. The top of the first mountain was our first rest stop and was the only one we used all day. We were ready to get to the finish today where we had a hotel with a real shower and a nice bed waiting for us!!!! We stayed a the historic Hotel Colorado with a natural spring fed pool waiting for us to enjoy. There is a wild fire in the mountains that almost cost us the ride today but the winds and fire fighters did a great job getting it under control so the ride went on.

Tomorrow we go to Aspen... another semi short day - 43 miles, but the climbs start to get bigger and longer (I love big climbs). We hope to get in early because we are going to see the Emerson String Quarter in the evening, should be great!

Colorado is a great place to cycle the air is fresh and clean and the climbs are great with a lot of flat land as well. Looking forward to the rest of the week, from here it starts to get a lot tougher the climbs start to get huge and we are going to see some really COLD weather (We hate cold).

Day 3

Day 3: We decided to sleep in a little this morning, even though they told us to start early because of afternoon traffic. It was cold and windy again, so we started off with our jackets and long fingered gloves. But, we slowly peeled the layers off by the afternoon. I think the temp. got up to 97 degrees! We were a little red when we got to camp in Rifle. Let me tell you about Rifle, Co. Nothing here except for a Saloon. We peered in and saw the locals and decided it wasn't for us! Eclectic group... Here's a pic of K trying to climb the rocks with cleats... and one of R on the open road. The countryside was more pleasing this morning than it was yesterday and this afternoon. The traffic in the afternoon was horrendous and the heat was unbearable! It was a hot and dangerous situation.. (again, don't worry, mom!)
Tomorrow is 39 miles, with some climbs, but not too bad. And we get to sleep in a BED at our hotel. I'm sure it will be cold in the am and still windy. It will be a short ride tomorrow to Glenwood Springs, but there's lots to do (unlike the past two nights). There's hot springs, caverns, and dining. Plus our hotel!! Wish us luck tomorrow and send us some energy!!! (However, we are feeling great and riding strong! Not too bad for Floridians!) G'night.