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Friday, June 22, 2007

Day 5

Hey y'all. I know we haven't written in a few days.. we were tired. I'm going to fill you all in on our last three days!
We had much better roads on Day 5 than we had in a while. We were heading to Aspen after a much needed rest in Glenwood Springs at Hotel Colorado. We had a lovely afternoon and evening ordering room service and shopping at the many stores along Grand Ave. We even found the energy to swim in the hot springs and play put-put! It was a wonderful break from Sherpa-Ville!!

Anyway, our ride to Aspen from Glenwood Springs was about 42 miles, mostly climbing. But it was a very nice climb. Miles of Colorado bike trails with rushing white water rivers on one side and a rock wall on the other. I filled my rear bike rack with several different kids of wild flowers. (This is becoming my tradition on bike tours!)

After that steep, long climb, Robbin and I looked at eachother and one of us nuts said, "Ya wanna do it again?" And of course, the other nut said, "YEAH!"

This is the picture at the top of that climb. Mary, if there was ever a time to sing "The hills are alive..." THIS WAS IT! And I actually did! There were rolling hills of grass blowing in the breeze and the snow-capped mountains that we missed so much the day before, in the far off distance.

After leaving our "little Austria", we pushed on to Aspen and I got an action shot of Robbin :-)

Then!! after a little break at the tent, a much needed shower (it was about 90 degrees) and some food, we trucked into town, via the charter buses they had for us all week! and picked up our tickets at will-call for The Emerson Quartet. This was the first day of the Aspen Music Festival and School and this was the first performance of the season. We enjoyed a glass of wine while waiting for the ushers to let people in. The area was filled with young musicians toting their instruments, moving from one rehearsal to another. We couldn't chose our seats when we got the tickets online last week, so we didn't know where we were sitting in the Benedict Tent. But when we saw that we were sitting in the first row, we were quite pleased!

Bobby, I mean Dr. Adams :-) I have a 100+ page program for you to peruse! The quartet's performance was spectacular. They performed Beethoven's String Quartet in F major, op. 135, Bartok's SQ No. 3, BB 93, Beethoven's SQ in B-flat major, op. 130 and his Grosse Fuge in B-flat major, op. 133.