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Thanks for veiwing our blog! We're excited about our tour and we want you to see what all is going on in Colorado!! See you in Sunny Florida again soon! Love, K and R

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 7 We're Done!

When we got back to Frisco, we crammed our bikes into Keri and Lisa's rental car and went to Main Street to have the best breakfast at one of the little cafe's in town.....What we didn't tell you is that we took the bus from Leadville to Frisco. We were done with the bike! Our legs and lungs were actually feeling great. It was *other body parts* that were unable to continue. Butt, no shame! :-) We had come up to the mountains and had an outstanding week!

So, we went back to the high school where the ride had started, took the bikes apart, and headed to Denver where our Marriott Courtyard (non-community shower and bed!) awaited. On I-70 we saw a sign for Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. So, still playing the tourists card, we veered off the highway and down the road a little ways, came to the park. Widespread Panic was playing tonight, so the park was closed. (Bummer! I have a cd of the Dave Matthews Band playing there.) But we still managed to block traffic and snap a pic. They really did look red!

Then, we got back to the park entrance and we could turn left to the interstate, or right to a "Point of Geological Interest". We turned right! We found dinosaur fossils in the rock... how cool!

We headed on around the mountain and came to another place to stop. This time there were dinosaur foot prints. This sign says that this was a "dinosaur freeway" and they traveled back and forth with social groups. Too cool!!

"Hey, is this guy shooting us the bird?"

As we were driving into Denver, we realized there were no mounains around. We were actually sad, so I took a pic out the back window at the last glimps of our snowy mountain peaks.
We're flying out tomorrow at 4:10 MT, and Charlie's picking us up in Tampa at 9:30 EST.

What a great experience we have had this week. This was my third bike tour and Robbin's first and we both have learned somethings about packing, sleeping in 30 degree weather and Coloradians! See us for details!

Thank you all for reading our blog. We hope you have enjoyed it :-) K and R

Day 6

Day 6 was full of anticipation for the 21-mile climb up Independence Pass... what we came here to do! We woke up in Aspen to find no bears had come into camp. (They told us not to keep food at our tents in Aspen because of the night visitors). There were traffic restrictions on the pass, and we had to be at aid station 1 by 8:30 in order to avoid being forced to sag to aid station 2. We made it right at 8:30! So that 8 miles to the 1st sag stop was our warm up. The next 13 miles was "Hell on two wheels" (thanks Robbin, he's chiming in as I type aloud. Ha ha) And it was! We chugged along the winding, steep climb, sometimes by ourselves. We saw several local cyclists flying down and we thought, "that looks like fun!" as we climb at 4-5 mph.

On the way up, we saw the remains of an 1830's "gold rush" settlement. They had preserved their dwellings and paths so people could take a walking tour. It was really neat to see this kind of history with our own eyes. There was also a sign that said "ghost interpreter on site". Ooohhhhh!

This was taken about 3 miles from the summit. You can see the road curving behind me that we had just climbed. The "Ghost Town" is in the valley but you can't really see that in this pic.

Ok, here we are at the top of the world! 12,095 feet above y'all in Florida! I remember there was a steep little jaunt right at the top. Son of a gun! Didn't need that after 22 miles of climbing this mountain! But, dang it, we did it!! It was SO cold at the top. I wish I had a thermometer, I know it was in the 30's. And I know this, because it snowed! Yes, I said SNOW! We were dusted with small bits of ice and saw a snow storm off in the distance in two different directions. It is June, right?? The summit was so peaceful. Completely different feeling than just 1 mile back. We scarffed down the last of the sag's cold carnitas on a cold tortilla, but we were cold, too, and didn't mind. With food in our bellies we left the chilly summit for our 17 mile decent to the 4th sag station. When we arrived, there was no food or water. Miffed, we were done for the day and climbed in the warm sag van as it started to rain a chilly rain. We were so proud of our accomplishment, we didn't really mind sagging in :-) We had spent 7 hours on the bike to go 39 miles and that was enough for us!